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Landing your first PE job is harder than ever before…after all, you’re not just competing against those you’ve trained with, you’re up against experienced teachers and other highly educated professionals who’ve opted for a change of career.

But, it’s not just the insane amount of competition you face.

It’s also your school.

The school are likely to be looking for someone in particular and whilst NQT’s are are generally cheaper they might lack the experience in comparison to someone who can hit the ground running.

What’s more, with growing number of people wanting to move into teaching as a profession, PE is always a popular subject choice.

This saturates the subject further and makes it even more difficult to stand out!

So... How do you stand out and get a leading edge over your competition?

Before I answer that, let me introduce myself...

Hi, I’m Ivor Burch.

I’ve been helping trainee PE teachers secure their first teaching position for over a year now. I’ve also delivered over 112 free PE CPD session to the PE community and shared over 400 PE resources.

Whilst I don’t claim to know everything there is about Physical Education, I’d consider myself to have made an excellent impact on those who engage with my resources, coaching and advice.

That’s why I urge you to read what I have to say. What I’m about to tell you could mean the difference between employment and starting your NQT year or working as a supply teacher.

The Recipe That Leads to an Applicants Success...

In the last year, I’ve spent a lot of time working with trainee PE teachers and, I’ve learnt that success isn’t down to just one thing.

To succeed you need to make a exceptional first impression with your application, follow up what you say by delivering an excellent PE lesson and finally win over your employees in interview.

But how do you execute all 3 better than your competition?

What its not about...

Well it’s not about your own sporting background, a good  application template, or even a fancy looking lesson plan.

While all those things can certainly help, without a tailored application to the school or a lesson plan that takes into consideration the class context and your ability to reflect on your lesson your going to struggle to secure employment. 

What you'll learn

What it is About...

I’ve learnt that a well tailored application with explicit teaching and learning examples demonstrating student progress and how you knew they’d progressed is crucially important.

I’ve learnt that planning for maximum progress and exhibiting your main teaching strengths are key.

I’ve learnt that convincing your potential employees of the value you’d bring to both the department and the school is paramount.

So where does that leave you?

Like most trainees you’ve probably turned to your mentor, close friends and even reached out to the community for a helping hand.

Whilst this is all great, you’ll still likely encounter a few problems…

Surface advice

As teachers lives are busy and time is pretty thin on the ground. As a result, advice given is usually in passing and arguably 'generic'. This leaves you lots of different 'generic' advice which is hard to manage and apply. Whilst the advice might be good perhaps lacks the depth you need to really stand out from the crowd..

Positive Bias

People you turn to are likely those who are close to you or know you. This means they are likely to have a positive bias towards you. Research suggests that this often leads to advice that is based around emotion with the need to make you feel good at that time as opposed to advice you might actually need.

So... Where does that REALLY leave you?

  1. Going at it alone and hoping you’ve done your best?
  2. Piece together the advice you receive and make it work?
  3. Go through an agency and hope they can get you a job?

Introducing ...

Step 1 - Application

Your first chance to stand out is with your application.

Step 2 - Lesson

Your first chance to stand out is with your application.

Step 3 - Interview

Your first chance to stand out is with your application.

Resources & Strategies to Strenghten Your Chances

Hot Topics & Tips

With the Insider Programme you'll be coming in a spot above the rest, talking confidently about the latest hot topics in PE. You'll also have some of the latest tips about whats working now in interview.

Lesson Superpowers

Unlock a toolbox of superpowers and unleash them during your lesson observation! Joining the Insider programme will arm you with impressive lesson structure, remarkable student engagement and superb student progress!

Question Master

Feel confident in answering any question thrown your way in the interview room, and leave your interviewers speechless by becoming the ultimate question master. The only remaining question will be, when are they calling to give you the job?

The Ultimate Interview Checklist

Leave no stone unturned! Imagine loosing out to someone who had covered that one extra base? Let the ultimate interview checklist make your process stress free by ensuring you've covered all the bases before you go to interview.


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