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Four years ago, I started Coach Me PE and today I’ve delivered over 150 CPD sessions to trainee and early career PE teachers. I specialise in teaching the fundamental skills needed to deliver exceptional PE lessons and build competent and reflective PE teachers.

I designed the PE accelerator to help early career teachers and originally delivered these sessions online. Due to its high demand and success, I have now transformed this into an online course making it available to more aspiring, trainee, and early career PE teachers.

I believe that becoming an outstanding PE teacher requires commitment to your own professional development and consistent reflection on your teaching practice. I aspire to live up to this notion by providing you with meaningful learning experiences and the opportunity to apply and reflect on your practice.

Ivor Burch

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To provide powerful coaching for trainee and NQT PE teachers enabling them to thrive and become the best they can be.


Continuous learning: Developing a forever learning culture

Collaboration: We’re better together

Discovery: Learning our potential

Impact: Applying learning